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105 Eastern Ave. Annapolis, MD

Our Spring Flavors

Eastport is thawing out & the floral flavors are in bloom with Oscar's Spring Menu! The delicate flavors of lavender and sweet new tea options are sure to get you in the mood for warmer weather! 

About Oscar's Coffee

Oscar’s Coffee was born from the idea that our dogs are what help form a healthy, inclusive neighborhood. Eastport is full of dog lovers, and often we know their dog’s names before we know our neighbors’! We wanted to create a community space focused on that same concept. We’re aiming to change Eastport’s morning routine by offering a consistent gourmet coffee experience - owned & run by some of your neighbors that you might not have had the opportunity to meet yet. So who are we? We’re local coffee & dog lovers who fell in love with everything about the community of Eastport. 

Our Renovation Project

Our 1972 Shasta was the passion project of a PA native that Will and Garrett came into contact with when they began looking for a trailer. Kris is currently battling some serious health complications and was looking for a new home for his passion project. After Will & Garrett purchased the trailer from Kris, it was shipped to Georgia to be retrofitted and customized to the needs of Oscar’s coffee by a military veteran in the trailer restoration business. We completed the finishing touches ourselves & are very proud of how it turned out!

Our Promises to You

#1: We’ll be a good neighbor.

Oscar’s is a place for the community and by the community. We are your neighbors…and we want to be part of your morning routine and lives. Whether you’re taking a stroll with your dog or just want a quality coffee, we hope to get to know you and embody everything about why “we like it this way.”

#2: We’ll always nail the basics.

We want our neighborhood to be the best, so we’ll always put our best foot forward for you. We believe in a

simple but excellent coffee experience. Nailing the basics doesn’t mean we’ll just stop there; we’ll always look for

the opportunity to offer more.

#3: You’ll always matter.

Oscar’s is a veteran and LGBTQ+ owned business that values making people of all backgrounds feel included, seen, and

welcome. No matter what is going on, who you are, where you are from, or what you believe, Oscar’s is always here to serve